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A $200,000 home sold in a traditional sell could cost you $12,000 or more. First Coast Realty of Jacksonville can list this same house with full service for $575 PLUS 1% CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS!

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What is a flat fee listing typically?

A flat fee listing means you pay a set dollar amount to a real estate company to list your home for sale. Most flat fee listing companies charge you anywhere from $200-$500 to place your house on their websites or they may charge a flat fee just to put you in the multiple listing service ( MLS). The MLS is the system that is used by most real estate companies to market a property. The MLS connects its search engines with most major namebrand real estate websites around the world.

Many of the flat fee companies don't assist you in the selling of your home except to put it in the MLS. You as the homeowner are responsible for putting your own sign in the yard, showing your own property, negotiating your own transaction and creating your own contracts.

How is First Coast Realty of Jacksonvilles Flat fee of $575 +1% commission different?

First and foremost we are a full service company which means you are getting the benefit of a professional brokerage to handle not only your listing but the sales process in its entirety.

Nearly every sales and purchase contract comes with nuances that require the expertise of a qualified broker and sales associate force. You should have a professional working on your behalf to make sure that you're not paying for items that are typically a buyers expense.

We handle everything from contact to closing. We will help you price your home so that it will sell quickly. We will market it for you. We will negotiate with the buyer on your behalf. We will help fill out the required documents for each kind of loan presented. We will facilitate the legally binding contract for you. We are there for the inspections. Our trained and knowledgeable staff will be there to explain what the reports mean. We will represent you at closing. It's critical to know what your financial responsibilities are in the transaction and what the financial responsibilities are of the buyer.

Are your thinking how can First Coast Realty of Jacksonville charge as little as $575+1% commission to list my house when others charge so much more?

First Coast Realty of Jacksonville is owned and operated by our broker Sena Baker. It was started In 2007 without one dime of loans. We keep our operating cost and overhead down, therefore we can pass on the savings to our customers. First Coast Realty of Jacksonville believes that you shouldn't have to pay more to receive premium service and service is what we base our bottom line on not profit!

Benefits of Flat Fee Listing

Full Listing Service - For Less

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First Coast Realty of Jacksonville will provide an alternative listing to those customers who don't want to pay the $575 up front fee plus 1% commission at closing. This alternative offers a 5% commission. The homeowner will still save 1% commission from the traditional 6% business model. 2% goes to First Coast Realty of Jacksonville,Inc. at closing…3% to the Buyers Agent.

If First Coast Realty of Jacksonville Represents both the Seller and the Buyer in the same transaction or the homeowner brings a buyer to the transaction then First Coast Realty of Jacksonville will reduce the commission to 3%. This does not include the initial $575.00 listing fee.

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If the Seller allows First Coast Realty of Jacksonville to both list their home and represent them as their Buyers Agent on their next purchase. First Coast Realty of Jacksonville will rebate the customer 5% back on the commission First Coast Realty of Jacksonville receives in the transaction. This rebate is based on either the property they just sold or the property they're getting ready to purchase whichever is the lesser.


The property must sell at $150,000 or higher to qualify for the $575 plus 1% commission. Otherwise, our traditional 6% business model will apply. Short Sales fall under our tradition 6% business model.

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